Introducing Reds Delivery Services

Professional Personal Shopping & Delivery Services Done Right
Introducing Reds Delivery Services, a professional personal shopping/delivery service done right:

  • ALWAYS in-store prices; Get notified of in-store sales/BOGO’s while your order is being shopped to take advantage of sales. No markups.
  • As the team grows, choose your preferred shopper.
  • Shop ANY store and ANY restaurant 
  • Get your delivery on YOUR schedule
  • Available to ALL of Putnam County, FL
  • We also offer item/package delivery!

Why does this matter? Instacart, DoorDash, UberEats is only available in North Putnam (at the time of this writing). Other services seem to be non-existant. South Putnam is “pickup only” by available services. Instacart and the others markup prices, run sales different to what’s offered in-store, only a small fee goes to pay the shopper/driver, options where to shop are limited. These practices are unfair to all involved. And some services go as far as suggesting “personal shopper”, but every shop is a different shopper. With Reds Delivery Services, you get the same quality experience, on your schedule, every time. 

I’m a professional shopper with Instacart, DoorDash, and Postmates. I began to discover some delivery issues and restrictions when I attempted to use such services myself as a customer. I wanted to bring more options to those who currently use the services and bring the option of delivery to fellow residents in South Putnam. That’s how Reds Delivery Services was started. Getting started, the business is hosted on, and powered by, the dumpling platform until I can afford to create my own app. Dumpling is to delivery what Shopify is to e-commerce. You can download the Red’s Delivery Services app at or The app is available on both Apple iOS and Android.

Download App

By choosing to use Red’s Delivery Services, you can choose to shop directly from known stores available on the platform, or you can use the “Pick A Store” option to shop any store in Putnam County.  You will always pay in-store prices, receive in-store sales, and see transparent fees for delivery. No hidden fees, no markups, of any kind. I’m also offering referral rewards for referring new customers. Based on national averages, you’ll be saving 20-30% compared to what you’re paying now for other services. On top of national average savings, you could get additional savings by subscribing to one of the Reds Delivery Services monthly subscriptions. For more info, click here.

With Red’s Delivery Services you are also guaranteed to get your delivery on your schedule. Unlike with the “other guys”, where your order may be passed around from shopper/driver to another shopper/driver until one accepts it, we accept all orders and are sure to have them to you when you want it. This practice of passing orders around is quite common, and seen in various groups/circles of gig workers that brag about it. They decline/pass on orders where they feel the platform isn’t paying them enough. Larger orders may not see this as often as smaller orders. But it does happen, and I feel it’s wrong. With Red’s Delivery Services, you won’t have to worry about being victim to your order being used for a game of “hot potato”. 
(If you’re a gig worker, I’m not intentionally trying to bash you. As an independent contractor, it’s your right to accept or decline any job. I’m simply stating it’s wrong for the customer to have to wait forever to get their order)

Red’s Delivery Services is the local option for honest, affordable, and professional grocery and restaurant delivery services. As the team grows, you’ll also be able to choose your preferred shopper/delivery driver. Something the “other guys” don’t offer, despite their efforts of claiming “personal shopper” in their ads. Is it really a personal shopper if you don’t/can’t get the same shopper every time? Red’s Delivery Services offers the true personal shopping experience. 

Red’s Delivery Services is also making it possible for you to help other local families in need get groceries by donating to the ‘General Grocery Fund’ or directly to the individual/family you know needs assistance. Click here for details. Without trying to get political, it’s been observed that many feel local municipalities and the county isn’t doing enough to help locals. Reds Delivery Services aims to attempt to fill part of that gap, at least in the area of assisting others in need with groceries. Larger, national, organizations who accept donations for such, you never know where that money is going. The Grocery Fund through Red’s Delivery Service stays in Putnam County and helps residents of Putnam County. 


Unlike the “other guys”, we know how hard it is for small businesses to compete with the larger chains. So we’re even offering dedicated services to local Putnam County businesses! If you know a local store or restaurant owner that may benefit from dedicated delivery services, tell them to check out

For complete details of the services offered by Red’s Delivery Services, click here.

Get the delivery service you deserve. Download the app and setup your customer profile. Be sure to like Reds Delivery Services on Facebook.

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