Red’s Delivery Services: The True Personal Shopping Experience

Red’s Delivery Services: The Local Personal Shopping Service

As stated in our launch post, we offer a far wider variety of services then the other guys. Companies like Instacart like to convince you they’re doing you a great service at low cost. They even float the term “personal shopper” around in their advertising. But their marketing is flawed, despite the fact it draws in customers. With these other companies, under the guise of “low prices” for delivery, you’re also paying:

  • Markups of 10-30% on products
  • Platform fees and other fees in addition to the delivery or service fee.

All the while missing out on in-store sales. As far as a “personal shopper” goes with the “other guys”, you get:

  • Different shopper each shop
  • Risk of less than professional services
  • Can’t shop any store you want
  • Can’t shop multiple stores on one order

And as such, your shopper (should they be one of the good ones) can’t even suggest hitting another store for a product you’re looking for as an option when questioning possible replacements.  This is not true “personal shopping”. It’s more convenience shopping then anything else. But, sadly, larger chains that are developing their own in-store shoppers for pickup services, or even building their own delivery service (which is usually handed out to third parties, despite marketing suggesting it’s their own people), are using this false definition of “personal shopper”. Unfortunately, this trend of trying to redefine “personal shopper” started in the fashion industry when fashion/clothing stores began to hire “in-store personal shoppers” to get a piece of the pie that true, independent, personal shoppers were earning. Though some high-end stores may let you work with the same one, that shopper is only for that store. They are employed by that store. So whereas they may use the title of “personal shopper” in-store, the reality is they’re just a well trained, well versed, top tier sales associate. 

But this misuse of the title of personal shopper is what ultimately led to the false definition and companies like Instacart, Walmart, etc falsely claiming they offer the personal shopper experience. Gig workers take orders that make sense for their pocket, and many don’t shop for customers the same way they’d shop for themselves. That’s not a personal a shopper. In-store “personal shoppers” are paid by the store that employs them to sell products, they’re nothing more than a well trained sales person being paid to sell you stuff, whether or not it was on your original list. Places like Walmart, similar to gig companies, seldom go the extra mile in picking out your products. This is not a true personal shopper.

A true personal shopper works for you and has the flexibility needed to do so. A true personal shopper can provide you:

  • Same shopper every time 
  • Professional services
  • Shop any store
  • Shop multiple stores on one order (with Red’s Delivery Services, that’s only one delivery fee for multi-store orders)
  • If your preferred product is out of stock, in addition to suggesting replacements, the shopper could also offer checking another store for it
  • Shops on your schedule, and many cases you’re able to schedule orders in advance; with Red’s Delivery Services you can schedule a delivery up to a week in advance. 
  • As you work together and get to know each other, the shopper may even be able to suggest new products or limited edition products you may like
  • Is there when you need them

Along with all these, and more, benefits of a true personal shopper, you’re also:

  • Paying in-store prices
  • Getting in-store sales
  • No markups, or other hidden fees
  • Receive your store receipt (unlike Instacart, etc)
  • Reds Delivery Services also offers loyalty and referral rewards

Getting started with a personal shopper, things may seem rocky. You may not know what to expect. But the more you work with your personal shopper, the smoother things get and will eventually feel like you’re the one shopping since the personal shopper is learning what you do and don’t like, and other general shopping habits, from each shop. The more your personal shopper works with you, they’ll almost be able to “be you” when shopping. Services like Instacart, DoorDash, etc don’t offer this. These other services focus more on convenience to the customer then on professionalism, so every shop is like the “first” shop. With a true personal shopper, professionalism and quality service is put at the forefront. 

Likewise, these other services are limited to certain areas and stores. There are areas they don’t deliver to and there are stores they cover in one area but not in your area. A personal shopper can cover stores and areas these other services can’t, won’t, or for whatever reason simply don’t. This is because, unlike Instacart and the others, a true personal shopper isn’t contracted to single or few stores. Because a personal shopper is hired by, and works for you, they are only limited to where you want to shop. Of course when it comes to restaurants, limitations are also set by the restaurant. In order for you to order delivery from a restaurant, the restaurant needs to be setup to handle takeout/pickup orders. The fact that most restaurants offer this option, this is a small limitation and still casts a far wider net of options where you can order then you have available from other services. 

Red’s Delivery Services is a locally owned personal shopping service that offers nothing less then professionalism and quality. We live up to the true definition of personal shopper.  Through us, you can shop any store (grocery, department, hardware, etc) and restaurant (that offers the takeout/pickup option) in the county. As services expand to other areas, that will only increase the number of stores you can shop from to include stores that may not yet be in our county. Aside from the all the vast differences between Reds Delivery Services and other services, because we’re locally owned all the profits stay local. You’re helping yourself save money, get better service, and more options, but you’re also helping support local families and the local economy. 

To view complete service info, head to And to place an order, you can select one of a few “off platform” options or use our app.

If you’re interested in joining our team, you can apply here.







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