Beat The Dreaded “Out Of Stock” From Other Services

First, it’s important to mention that this post only applies to a degree. Many shipments are backed up and entire brands/items are backed up regardless of where a shopper is sent. That being said, let’s get on with it. 

The ‘Out Of Stock’ Issue

Other services only provide shopping at one location. If that location is out of stock of an item you want, you’re left with choosing between a replacement or a refund for the item. This can be annoying, especially when some locations are out of more than 25% of your entire list. This usually leaves you dealing without what you want or paying extra fees to place an additional order at a different location. 

But what if you could have multiple stores shopped on one order? With Red’s Delivery Services this is possible. At no extra cost to you! If your primary store is out of stock, you will be notified and you then tell us which option you would like:

  • A replacement 
  • Don’t worry about it 
  • Check a nearby store

If you prefer us check a nearby store before choosing a replacement or to not worry about it, we will check nearby stores within a 2 mile distance from the store you originally sent us to. At no extra charge. This is a service that our competitors (as of writing this) do not offer. 

With Red’s Delivery Services you are family, and we do our best to make sure you have what you want when you want it. Some recipes or occasions just need to have that certain ingredient/item. So why gamble on another service potentially not being able to provide it to you or charging you an extra fee for an extra order to shop elsewhere, when we can shop elsewhere at no additional cost?

Other services view customers as nothing more than an income, and are taking advantage of the current shipment backup/item shortage. You deserve more then that. Don’t let our competition take more money out of your pocket over a situation that’s out of your control. Choose Red’s Delivery Services; the true local personal shopping service, the service where you’re family. 

You can get anything from anywhere, and we have Pay In 4‘ (through third-party services) as well as subscription plans. We also help the local community, and offer more than delivery.

Download our current app here. When the new app is ready, it’ll be sent via email, and posted on our social media accounts. Customers in the local service area (Putnam County, FL and surrounding counties) will still be able to use current app once the new one is launched. You can also order via the web version






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