Red’s Delivery Services is a last-mile delivery and courier and personal concierge service providing local services to clients and customers. We started in Putnam County, Florida, and are working on plans to expand into all of Florida and across the nation. Established in October of 2020. We deliver everything from groceries to restaurant food to auto parts to packages. We can deliver virtually anything from anywhere to anywhere, and perform several errands on your behalf, in our service areas. We aim to be your one stop shop for all your errands so you can keep your time free to spend with your family.

To help keep the professional, quality, service that Red’s Delivery Services prides itself on, we only promote from within. Never will there be “experienced” or “qualified” outsiders in our management or corporate teams. We strongly believe in promoting from within to keep our standard of professionalism and quality going strong, and allow for all of our shoppers and drivers an equal opportunity to climb the ladder if they choose to accept an offer of promotion. Initial recruiting is done mostly from within the gig economy of full-time gig workers that may be looking for a career in the industry, and others with experience in the industry.

Rideshare Red has also fully became a part of, and service offered by, Red’s Delivery Services.

Due to the increasing amount and types of services we offer, we’re beginning to rebrand as ‘Red’s Delivery & Concierge Services’ and ‘Red’s Concierge Services’ for short. 

Red’s Delivery Services is a RedConrad.com / Red Conrad’s Services company, brand, and service.

About The Founder

Hello. I’m Red Conrad. I’ve decided to put this business together for a number of reasons.

I started out with Instacart, DoorDash, and others and soon realized the shopping options are slim, South Putnam wasn’t available at all, prices are marked up, and lots of times sales are different in-store and on the platforms. Not to mention, many smaller stores and restaurants won’t use the platforms due to high platform fees and commission charges. I feel this is absurd, and set out to start my own services to give fair prices and more options to all of Putnam County, and eventually expand nationwide. And that is how I began putting Red’s Delivery Services together, and was able to find a platform I can host the business on (rent space on the platform similar to a storefront leasing a building) to do just that for those who prefer using apps, alongside with an “off-platform” option provided through this site. As the service grows, jobs will continue to be created and expansion planned into other areas until we cover the entire nation; with potential for first hired to join the corporate ranks and help run the business as it expands. Red’s Delivery Services does not charge platform fees, so any business can utilize our delivery services affordably (free to them). And we only charge in-store prices and in-store sales, which will help you (consumer) save money over Instacart, DoorDash, etc, who charge markups between 10-30%, as well as allows you to shop at any store/restaurant you want.

Plans are in the works to expand throughout Florida and into Georgia, and then slowly across the rest of the nation.

For more info, you can read the introductory blog post here and the follow-up post here.

We also have a Grocery Fund to help those in need.