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Details, Terms, And Application

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If you have any questions about anything stated herein, send an email to or Application is beneath details and terms. Please only fill out application after reading all details and terms.
Currently seeking the following positions:

  • County Managers throughout Florida.
    • Applications will be held and you notified as we expand to your county
  • State and County Managers for the remaining continental US and DC.
    • Your application will be kept on file and you notified when we’re able to expand into your state.

Please only apply if you are a serious, business-minded individual and would like being part of our family to be your career. We are seeking long-term full-time management staff.

Managenent members who join us now, and help us grow, will be given priority to be promoted as we grow and expand. State or County Managers where we launch with the solo manager, will act as State Manager (SM); if applied as County Manager (CM) and agreed to take on roll of State Manager for purposes of launching in your state, as your state grows you can choose to either remain as State Manager or County Manager and be replaced as State Manager. Regional Managers (RM) will be promoted from within the regions State Managers; District Managers (DM) will be promoted from within a states County Managers. Promotion to V-level and C-level positions, as needed, will be from within the SM’s and RM’s. We work strictly with a Percentage-Based (Commission-Based) Pay Model.
We support the Independent Labor Alliance (facebook | twitter) and are fighting to keep IRS standards over the PRO Act and other similar legislation. If you disagree with our stance, please don’t apply.

Details And Terms

If you have any questions about anything stated herein, send an email to or or Red at Application is beneath these details and terms. Please only fill out application after reading all details and terms.

We’re building this company from the ground up. If you’d like to join the Red’s Delivery & Concierge Services management team, you must:

  • Understand you may be started as an Independent Contractor during training and early stages of getting your state and county operational (particularly in states where our operations don’t currently exist; if there exists in your state already an SM, it will be at company discretion based on your prior experience, if any, if you will be trained as an IC or start as a CE), eventually becoming a Commissioned Employee, and must be able to work with a business mindset (Note: Independent Contractor or Commissioned Employee status will not effect how much you’re paid)
    • Only upper management levels are considered corporate and guaranteed W2 status. Mid-level and lower level management may begin as Independent Contractor or Commissioned Employee based on above paragraph. If started as an Independent Contractor, moving to Commissioned Employee status will be offered when time allows and/or work ethic shows you’re eligible for a future promotion.
  • Be 25yrs old or older
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have a reliable vehicle
  • Have active auto insurance with a rideshare/delivery driver addendum (recommended) 
  • Clean driving record
  • Vehicle with no serious dents, dings, missing body parts (if you join my third-party fleets, vehicle may have an age requirement)
  • Have a working cell phone; a business cell phone may be supplied or you can opt to use our VoIP system via an app on your personal cell.
  • Submit to a background check
  • Be self-motivated
  • Experience in the following is preferred, but not required:
    • Delivery driver
    • Gig economy
    • Customer Service
    • Management 
  • Have a payment app or bank account (to get paid). If you need a payment app or bank account, see below for payment apps we work with and banks we use and trust.
  • You may be required to sign a Non-Compete Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement, and other contracts/agreements in addition to agreeing to the terms stated herein.
  • Understand this is a full-time position.
  • Regional and State Managers will be handling responsibilities for both the Red’s Delivery & Concierge Services primary business as well as our larger platform (Red’s Concierge).
  • Based on interview, you may be offered an upper- management/corporate position.

You may be starting your state solo or with a team of other managers, depending on applications that come in for your state. Therefore, starting out will be taking on all roles between management and Personal Concierge.

You will earn a percentage of delivery fees, keep a percentage in your states business bank account (will be assigned to you (SM), and you (SM) granted access to our bank), a percentage to the Grocery Fund. Your pay and breakdown of remaining percentage is below; orders you complete yourself, you will be paid as a Personal Concierge; orders you assign Personal Concierges, you will be paid a percentage of the portion remaining after Personal Concierge pay is deducted. 

Completing orders, you will receive part of the fee Red’s Delivery Services charges on a weekly basis. You will be given a company card that will be preloaded to make the purchases on customers behalf. Do NOT lose this card. Lost card replacement fee will come out of your pay.
Customer orders will be viewable via the company app. Upon being approved to join the team, you will need to download the app. Keep in contact with customer about any replacements, etc.
Pickups will be dispatched via app.

It’s recommended you have rideshare/delivery addendum added to your auto insurance policy. Company policies only cover certain conditions, any accidents outside those conditions fall on your insurance company. To avoid cancellation upon an accident, if one should occur, it’s wise to invest in the additional rideshare/delivery addendum; Red’s Delivery Services, and the companies we’re partnered with, will not be held liable in the event your insurance drops your policy due to your lack of proper coverage added to your policy. In the event your company doesn’t offer the extra coverage, we recommend using StateFarm.

Duties of the job include, but are not limited to, the following:

Regional Managers (promoted from within):

  • Ensure each state in your region is operating properly
  • Address any issues brought to your attention by the SM
  • Random audits of states and counties in your region
    • If any issues are found, up to and including fraud against the company, it is to be brought to upper managements attention immediately. If no issues are found, audit is to be submitted to upper management upon report completion. 
  • Bringing any issues that need further assistance to upper management attention
  • Duties of an SM in the event an SM is under investigation, quits, is fired, or is otherwise not available in a state within your region
  • Help run the platform network of third-party providers, recruit third-party providers and other businesses to the platform, in your region
  • Other Administrative tasks as necessary and/or required 

State Managers:

  • Ensure your state, and all counties within, is operating properly
  • Addressing issues brought to your attention by CM’s and DM’s
  • Overseeing your states marketing campaigns
  • Running payroll for your states non-Personal Concierge staff
  • Managing counties where a DM or CM does not yet exist
  • Fulfilling orders when and where there are no DM’s, CM’s, or Personal Concierges available
  • Duties of a DM and CM in counties where no DM or CM is present
  • Responding to audits, either performed by your RM or upper management.
    • All states financials, staff, etc. If there were any issues with anything that wasn’t brought to upper management previously, this would be the time to address it.
  • Help run the platform network of third-party providers, recruit third-party providers and other businesses to the platform, in your state
  • Other Administrative tasks as necessary and/or required 

District Managers (promoted from within):

  • Ensure all counties within your district are operating properly
  • Addressing issues brought to your attention by CM’s
  • Managing counties where a CM does not yet exist
  • Fulfilling orders when and where there are no CM’s or Personal Concierges available
  • Duties of a CM in counties where no CM is present
  • Other Administrative tasks as necessary and/or required 

County Managers:

  • Ensure your county is operating properly
  • Addressing issues brought to your attention by Personal Concierges and customers
  • Submitting marketing campaigns for your county, including costs, to your SM
  • Recruiting Personal Concierges for your county as needed 
  • Dispatching orders to available Personal Concierges
  • Confirming order completion, order total and fee, charge customer (Personal Concierge is to submit receipt upon checkout)
  • Fulfilling orders when and where there are no Personal Concierges available
  • Confirming pricing on non-partner listings in your area from the shared database, updating local listings pricing as needed
  • Creating non-partner listings for merchants in your county and recruiting merchants to partner with us (if merchant has a non-partner listing at time of partnering with us, update listing login info to their info; effectively giving them control of their listing)
  • Other Administrative tasks as needed and/or required 

Any issues should be brought up the chain of command in order. 

Any positions above Regional Manager will be promoted from within as positions are needed to be filled.

Pay will be weekly. Pay will be sent via direct deposit to the payment account you give in your application. Pay model may change at any time it is deemed necessary; should a change be made to the pay model you will be notified thirty days prior to the change taking effect. If the pay for Personal Concierges is changed, it will be the responsibility of the SM or CM to notify Personal Concierges of the coming change in pay. The pay model issued by corporate is the only pay model to be utilized; SM’s and CM’s are not permitted to adjust the pay model for their State or County. If SM’s or CM’s feel the need to change the pay model locally, it must be brought to the attention of, and approved by, corporate upper management. 

Pay for Shopping/Delivering orders or performing Tasks yourself (State/County Managers):

  • You keep 40% of all Red’s Delivery Services fees per shop/delivery you complete plus any tips.
    • To put it in perspective, just one average grocery order or two restaurant orders (or one plus tip) per hour will be above the equivalent of minimum wage hourly pay.
      • At current fees, just 2 ‘delivery-only’ restaurant orders per hour or grocery ‘pickup and delivery’ without tip is $16/hr. If customers tip, it’d be $16 + tip/hr. More deliveries in an hour equals higher pay for the hour.
    • Tips left “in app” on orders that have a Personal Concierge pickup from a Personal Concierge doing the shop to deliver will work as follows:
      • Personal Concierges agree on how their own tips will work (ex: Shopping Personal Concierge keeps in-app, delivery Personal Concierge keeps any cash tips, a split, etc) and both parties notify direct Management of agreement; OR
      • Any in-app tip(s) will be split 50/50 between Personal Concierges doing the shop and the delivery. Any cash tips is between the Personal Concierges doing the shop and the delivery to discuss.
        • Unless otherwise agreed between Personal Concierge doing the shop and Personal Concierge doing the delivery, any cash tips may be kept entirely by Personal Concierge doing the delivery.
  • Due to timing of our payment processor, each weeks pay will include the previous Saturday-Friday orders you shopped/delivered. Depending on the speed of your bank/account you choose to get paid to, your pay will arrive between Wednesday-Friday following each week you work. (CashApp users may get paid as early as Monday)

Of the remaining 60%:

  • 5% Goes towards the Grocery Fund
  • 5% Goes to District Manager (goes to corporate until DM’s hired)
  • 5% Goes to Regional Manager (goes to corporate until RM’s hired)
  • 40% Goes to corporate
    • Covers corporate overhead and operational costs; including executive level payroll, workers comp for commissioned management, any benefits offered, etc.
  • 5% Goes to your states account to cover your states operational costs
    • Marketing/Advertising, annual state filings, full-time staff perks, payroll for non-Personal Concierge positions (manager assistants, etc hired by SM, DM’s, CM’s in your state), etc.
      • Personal Concierge payroll, as management payroll, is paid through the primary corporate account.

Pay for assigning orders to a Personal Concierge:

State Managers will be responsible for dispatching orders in any County that does not yet have a County Manager. Once all Counties have County Managers, the CM would be the one dispatching orders to their county staff. SM’s would then be responsible for keeping the state functional and addressing issues with CM’s as they arise, assisting CM’s in marketing efforts and directing CM’s in the proper management and growth of their counties. 

State Manager:

(Pay breakdown before CM’s are hired)

  • Personal Concierge gets paid 40% of the order fee on each order they complete 
  • 5% Goes to the Grocery Fund
  • 35% Goes to corporate 
  • 5% Goes to District Manager of the county order was in (goes to corporate until DM’s hired)
  • 5% Goes to Regional Manager (goes to corporate until RM’s hired)
  • 5% Of all state orders gets paid to State Manager 
  • 5% Goes to your states bank account for state operational costs. 

County Manager:

(As CM’s are brought on, this will be the pay breakdown in your state)

  • Personal Concierge gets paid 40% of the order fee on each order they complete 
  • 5% Goes to the Grocery Fund
  • 28% Goes to corporate 
  • 5% Goes to District Manager of the county your county is in (goes to corporate until DM’s hired)
  • 5% Goes to Regional Manager (goes to corporate until RM’s hired)
  • 5% Goes to the State Manager
  • 7% Of all county orders gets paid to County Manager
  • 5% Goes to your states bank account for operational costs.

All funds from all orders will be distributed via the primary corporate account. You will receive your pay weekly, and your state bank account will receive your states funds as it clears the primary corporate account, no later than once a week.

You will also be given an account with our payroll service provider, where you’ll be able to:

  • Update personal information (address, contact info, bank info, etc)
  • Receive your 1099-NEC or W-2 online each year and/or any other payment forms for your taxes. 
  • Keep track of your pay
  • Get paid faster through Cash App

As a commissioned employee, your pay may be subject to employment taxes. 

You will need to download the Team app from our service provider, and login with the PIN we assign you, to get the above benefits. Android | Apple
Pay can be received to any service that offers bank account information. If you choose to be paid via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or other payment service, use the direct deposit information as your bank information to be paid.


Our new app being built will cover our entire service area and ultimately replace the current app and system. When the new app launches, we will begin going through applicants in other states.

You are expected to provide professional services to our clients. Always try to begin early enough you are able to get the order completed on time. Each client will pick a delivery time or window with their order. Do your best to complete order on time or within the window.

It is expected that customers who know you may go directly to you for services. It is important you inform them that they must continue ordering through our app or website, they can request you specifically to be their Preferred Personal Concierge.

You must be a self-motivated go-getter.

Shopping Orders: You will be provided a company Pay Card to make all purchases. This card is preloaded with the customers money for the customers orders. Do NOT attempt to use this card for any personal purchases or any items not requested by the customer. There are certain items that are NOT yet covered, these items include, but are not limited to:

  • Weapons (including ammunition, fireworks, and other related items)
  • Gift cards, gift certificates, prepaid cards, prepaid phone cards, and related items
  • Drug paraphernalia or any equipment designed for making or using drugs, including but not limited to bongs, vaporizers, and hookahs

If a customer requests any item that is currently not supported, inform them you can pickup everything else but those certain items you cannot as they are not supported on our platform.

Alcohol/Tobacco Sales:

You are in your right to deny any order of alcohol/tobacco to keep everything. Should you decide to deliver such products, you are to follow the terms stated herein and all applicable laws. If you decide to accept alcohol delivery/tobacco delivery, it must be done as follows:

  • Client MUST order and pay for the alcohol or tobacco online if available at store of choice.
  • Client MUST verify ID.
  • Client MUST be present for delivery.
  • Alternatively, send them this link or to the Alcohol/Tobacco page to submit payment for the alcohol/tobacco products. The funds will then be forwarded to you to cover the purchase.

You MUST verify their ID before pickup/delivery. To verify age before delivery (if no in-app verification took place when customer was placing order):

  • Ask customer for a selfie, headshot with no mask or hat on
  • Ask customer for a picture of their photo ID taken in a well lit area, flash off to avoid glare
  • Compare selfie to photo on ID, verify age/DOB

If it’s reported you are delivering alcohol or tobacco products to individuals under 21yrs old you will be terminated. If the customer is under 21yrs, you CANNOT deliver any alcohol/tobacco products.

If you accept these orders, these terms must be abided by. The company card is NOT to be used.

It is the Personal Concierges responsibility to verify ID of clients. It is the Personal Concierges performing the deliveries responsibility to confirm ID has been verified by Personal Concierges performing the shop when grocery order is handed off for delivery. Personal Concierges doing delivery are responsible to verify ID on restaurant orders that contain alcoholic beverages.

Completing Services:
Shopping Orders: To perform services, you will be given an account on the company side of the platform and a link to download the business side of the app. This is where you will see the orders from customers, be able to communicate with customers, etc. During busy times with back-to-back shopping orders Personal Concierge doing the shop may contact another Personal Concierge to pickup completed shops for delivery so shopping Personal Concierge can move onto the next shop; Personal Concierges doing shopping may also get assigned a Personal Concierge for delivery. All Personal Concierges who contact another Personal Concierge for a pickup, must notify a SM so a second driver isn’t sent out.

Receipts must be uploaded to the app.

Delivering Orders: Personal Concierges will be sent info for shopped orders and restaurant orders, including customer contact and address, to complete a successful delivery. For shopped order pickups, coordinate a pickup location with the Personal Concierge you are picking up from.

Shopping/Delivering Orders: For general GPS use, Waze is recommended. It alerts to potential slow traffic, alternate routes, etc. For quick delivery to apartment complexes, consider using the Beans GPS app.
Your stated availability will be posted on our website for clients who prefer your services. As you update your availability, it will be updated on this website.
Upon receiving an order, all orders must be either fulfilled within the delivery window or dispatched. Personal Concierges will have one minute to respond they’re on their way, if no response of acceptance is received, it should be passed on to the next Personal Concierge. They will receive another message at the one minute mark informing them the order is about to be passed on, if their are on their way or about to leave to pickup order they must respond stating as such. Should multiple Personal Concierges be sent for the same order at the same time two or more times due to lack of responding back of their acceptance of an order, they’re contract may be terminatedThey agree to these terms when they apply, and nothing less than professionalism and quality service will be accepted within this company.

Orders will be completed as follows:

  1. You will receive in app a message with order information (Order Pickup Location, Order #/Name, Customer Name and Customer Number, Dropoff Location) [Customers information is ONLY for purposes of completing orders. Do NOT store customer information]
  2. Within 1 minute of receiving notification message you are to head to the order or dispatch to a Personal Concierges and they are to respond stating whether or not they are accepting the order. If order is rejected, it is to be passed on to next available Personal Concierges or fulfilled by you.
  3. Keep in touch with customer about any issues (order still being prepared, heavy traffic, etc);
  4. Receipt must be uploaded via app for fee and customer charge confirmation. Only Management has the ability to confirm charges to the customer to prevent fraud from both the customer and the Personal Concierges. Monitor all dispatched orders for completion so charges may be finalized as the orders are completed.

You agree you are responsible for all gas, insurances, and maintenance on your vehicle. There are programs and tools you can take advantage of for discounts and/or higher tax deductions. Any paid services, including benefit packages you purchase, are tax deductible; be sure to track them. Tools to consider using:

  • Stride Tax app – tracks mileage and deductions; estimates how much you should put aside for taxes. Gas is included in the mileage rate for deductions. Turn app on when you leave for a pickup, turn off app after you return home. Mark each trip appropriately as Delivery. Stride also offers cheap insurance plans (health, vision, dental). App is free to use.
  • Hurdlr – Has an app and web version; is a bit more robust then Stride Tax. If you’re contracting full-time, this app is recommended. (Free and paid versions; paid versions are trackable as a tax deduction)
  • QuickBooks Self-employed app – also tracks mileage, expenses, etc and forwards report to TurboTax for easy tax filing (monthly cost, tax deduction).
  • Steady App – offers financial/expenses tracking, insurance offers (auto, health, vision, dental, etc) as well as any other gig or side work and employment opportunities.
  • GetUpside App – Save on gas with GetUpside. Either click the link to download or use my code after downloading the app direct from the app/play store: RED6738
  • Catch Benefits – Offers tax withholding, retirement, and health insurance for independent contractors.
  • Sidecar Health – Offers affordable healthcare plans

I use the above tools myself. They do make life a lot easier, especially come tax time. Hurdlr is recommended instead of Stride or Quickbooks.

Any and all marketing efforts should direct to:

  • Customers:
    • for service information
  • Businesses:
    • for traditional business service information
    • for online business information 

It is recommended to use Square Route, and all Personal Concierges to use Square Route (available for Android), when multiple orders (stacked orders) are being dispatched to them. SquareRoute use by the dispatcher (SM or CM) to get the best possible routes for orders within proximity to each other (pickup and dropoff) to assign the best possible stacked orders for the quickest possible pickups and dropoffs. Square Route by the Personal Concierge to get the best possible route of the stacked orders dispatched to them. If a Personal Concierge rejects an order, or doesn’t respond to dispatched order within sixty seconds, it is to be dispatched to the next available Personal Concierge; if there are no other Personal Concierge, the SM or CM (whichever position is in charge of said county) will need to do the order yourself. 

You must be available during business hours 7 days a week. Once you have enough staff under you to schedule a day off for yourself, you will still be required to be available, even on your days off, for the following:

  • SM’s must be available to respond to issues (call, text, or email) from a CM.
  • CM’s must be available to respond to issues (call, text, or email) from Personal Concierges in their county.
  • SM’s and CM’s must be available to respond to any communication (call, text, or email) from upper management. 

Your business line, whether via VoIP or an issued business cell, is to only be used for business purposes. There are to be no personal communications or uses with your business line. 

You may be issued a company email (RM’s, SM’s will receive an email; DM’s and CM’s may only get access to support email to begin with). The company email is only to be used to communicate with other team members and customers. There is to be no personal use whatsoever with the business email.

Until such a time that it’s deemed individual County accounts will be subbed off State accounts, if that time should occur, the SM is responsible for approval, and paying for through the States account, all marketing efforts statewide. The CM is to submit any and all marketing requests, including costs, to the SM for approval. 

The SM is responsible for issuing non-Personal Concierge staff payroll via the States account no later than once a week. The pay period is from Sunday-Saturday, payroll is to be submitted and sent out no later than 11:59pm every Sunday.

  • SM’s will be setup with a state location in our payroll provider. 
  • Due to limits in operation costs, it would be wise to only bring on additional non-Personal Concierge staff for an area when it’s absolutely necessary, not before. 

It is the responsibility of all County Managers, State Managers where there isn’t yet a County Manager, to ensure all orders are properly charged. Keep app notifications turned on and monitor all dispatched orders. You will be held liable for lack of funds to pay your Personal Concierges, and such will be deducted from your pay to pay the Personal Concierge, if you failed to monitor and confirm completed orders and initiate charges to the customers. 

Upon such a time you or Red’s Delivery Services terminates the work contract (as an independent contractor) or should you quit or be fired (as a commissioned employee), after your final order you are to return your company credit card. Failure to return the card will cost you the $20+ replacement fee, and will be deducted out of your final pay. If you were issued a business cell phone, the phone must be returned to corporate or the cost of the phone will be deducted from your pay and the phone service will be terminated and phone may be remotely wiped; if you have our VoIP service on your personal cell, the app is to be deleted.

Any terms broken, or “moonlighting” our customers, is grounds for termination and possible lawsuit. All customer info you receive is only to be used for the order at that time. No customer information is to be used for “moonlighting” or otherwise illegal activities.

At random times, with or without notice, Regional Management and/or executive management may perform an audit, including review of orders, in a random area. If it is discovered orders aren’t being properly charged, or it is otherwise found fraud against the company is being committed, all involved will be terminated and may face legal action for damages. 

Additional Terms:
You are responsible for your own personal insurances, taxes, etc. The business account is only to be used for business expenses and to pay for corporate owned property. We will offer our help and advice in what tools to use to help you; but your personal expenses are ultimately your responsibility.

At any given time, any and all terms and/or a separate terms page may be updated/created. At such time, you will be notified via text and/or email. Continued use of our platform and working with us will constitute agreement to any and all updates to terms and conditions, contractor and/or employment agreement, and other policies.

This is not an offering of equity in, or ownership of, the company. You will strictly be a member of management employed by Red’s Delivery Services. Should a time arise that our current structure needs to be added to or changed in any way that may require additional business partners/owners, all members of management will be considered and those chosen will be offered at that time. 

As the company grows, certain perks may be made available to team members. If/When perks are created and started, they will be explained (via email) what it is and how it works. To qualify for perks:

  • You must have a minimum of 30hrs/week of orders you personally completed (or dispatched if you’re SM, DM, or CM; and handling any customer issues)
  • You must complete a minimum of 30 orders per week (or dispatched and handled customer issues when you have a team of Personal Concierges)
  • You must actively be seeking out new clients for Red’s Delivery Services and introduce them to the services (as an SM or CM, this is part of the job description)

Perks may include the following:

  • Oil changes (fully paid)
  • Discounted delivery services for you and your household (15% discount)
  • Discounted tires (20% discount, limit of $90)
  • Discounted routine maintenance (tune ups, etc) (up to 15% discount, limit of $100)

When eligible for perks, you are to send receipts to and discount will be included in your pay the week following the work being done.

We’re setting up for expansion, currently focusing on growing Florida and entering into Georgia. Applicants in these two states will be reviewed immediately. All other states and DC, we are accepting applications and will be in touch as soon as we are able to initiate expansion into your state.

Agreement To Terms:
By submitting the below application, you agree to the terms stated herein and any future additions, amendments, or other changes to said terms.

  • You agree you will not hold Red’s Delivery Services, or any member of Red’s Delivery Services, liable for any profits, losses, or any other matter whatsoever during the term of this agreement.
  • You agree and understand you may start temporarily as an independent contractor; as an independent contractor you are responsible for your own taxes, expenses, etc. 

If you have any questions or concerns before applying, or if there is an issue submitting application, email or


Please be sure to read all above details and terms before submitting application.

Note: Yahoo email addresses have a hard time accepting our emails. If you use Yahoo for email, please whitelist or add to your Yahoo contacts list to receive email updates. Alternatively, considering creating a different email through another provider, such as GMail, to be sure you receive our emails.

If background check is passed, and you are approved, you will be notified to setup a date for step 2 of the application/onboarding process. This will include a link to download our app and setup your accounts. In the app you will be setting up a staff account and a Personal Concierge account. The Personal Concierge account is so you’ll be able to handle orders when you’re short on online Personal Concierges.

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Payment Apps & Bank Accounts:

Keeping track of finances:
It is recommended you have a financial plan. I’ve put together a blog post detailing what I do. It’s a bit complex, and you may be able to use a simplified version. But the post was written to give a general idea of how finances should be separated for personal, business, and emergency use. You can view it by clicking here.

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