Delivery Network

Establishing A Delivery Network

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All over the country are local delivery services trying to survive in competition with the larger gig services (Uber Eats, DoorDash, Instacart, etc). Some have been around a decent amount of time, while many others popped up during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some may be aiming at becoming nationwide one day, and others may be fine staying local.

To help our fellow small businesses around the country, we urge you to use your local service over the gigs; we’re also trying to build a network of these local businesses so you can get top quality, professional, delivery service wherever you go across the country. Whether it be vacation, or a permanent move. Without needing to rely on the gig apps, or opening a gig app just to discover you aren’t in a deliverable area. Most local services will go where the gig apps won’t. As other services agree to be members of the network, there will be a subpage linked here to list member services around the country. Until a subpage is up, you could email us at to inquire if there are any network members in your area. 

Delivery Services:

If you run a “last mile”, courier, personal shopping service, personal driver/taxi/limo service, or other type of personal concierge service and would like to join the network, the benefits include:

  • No membership fees, just a simple cross-advertising. If a customer states they’ll be going on vacation or moving, and asks if you know of any services where they’re heading, give them a service off the member list. 
  • Potential increase in customers or busy times as members do the above for you.
  • Membership in a network of small businesses organizing to help each other out and help each other compete against the largest of our common competition. 
  • No “territory”. If multiple services exist in the same market area, you can “share” each other’s customers when one of you are overloaded. It’s up to the services in overlapping areas to come to their own agreement how that would work (ie: customer pays your pricing but delivery by referred service, paid to referred service or referred service charges their own fee, etc).
  • In our new app being developed (currently in beta), you will be able to have your service listed; commission-free (Personal Shoppers businesses please email for details). So no matter where in the country the customer goes, they only need one app to access the networks members and their services.
    • You could also use the app for your local customers. Why pay thousands of dollars to have your own app developed on top of hosting when you can use our platform? The only charges for your listing on our platform will be a platform fee of between $2-5 per order paid by the customer; absolutely no commissions or fees charged to your business directly. 
    • Service based business that are not personal shoppers, click here.
  • Network members will also have the option of being a co-host of the ‘Your Personal Concierge’ podcast. Network members can insert advertising for their local service in episodes they upload to the podcast or co-host episodes with our team. 

In joining the network, you keep your customers covered no matter how busy you are or where they are. And you help keep others customers covered as well. All the while, keeping customers loyal to local, professional, quality small businesses without needing to resort to a gig service. 

If you’re interested in joining, and helping form such a network, send an email to or Small business built this country, there’s no reason why we can’t rebuild it through working together. We don’t need to view each other as competition, whether we cover the same area or not, with a cutthroat attitude when we, and our customers, could benefit through a more healthy competition where while competing businesses, we’re also working together for the benefit of everyone involved; including, and especially, our customers. 

This network is one built on trust and good faith. No formal legal contracts or agreements. To remain a member, you simply need to state such on your site (website, social media, etc) and provide the list, or link to the list, on your site. And refer customers to other services as needed, expecting others to do the same as needed. The only time a legal agreement or contract may be needed, at your discretion, is when co-operating with another service in your same area.

As the network grows, it is expected we will need assistance in maintaining it. After all, it is a network that belongs to all members. If you’d be interested in helping form the network and come up with future additional terms, in line with what’s stated above, and assist with answering questions, etc to other members, email us at or