Get Supplied (For Businesses)

We work with all businesses! Restaurants, Supermarkets, Contractors, Online and Home Based, etc.

As a small business owner, franchise owner, or manager, it’s your responsibility to keep your business supplied. Whether it be items for customer purchase or business use, you have to have proper amount ordered from your suppliers each week for delivery. But what if you don’t have enough supply to meet a sudden surge? Typically, you or one of the staff needs to run and grab some quick; which leaves you short in man power for the surge. Or if you’re still small enough, you go shop for supplies yourself each week; leaving you shorthanded every time there’s an unexpected surge.

This is where Red’s Delivery Services comes in. Why allow yourself to be shorthanded, when you can place an order and have it delivered? If you have more than one location and moving supply from one to another, why use staff from a location, leaving yourself shorthanded, when we can pick it up from one location and bring it to the other location for you?

We deliver:

  • Location to location
  • To job sites (ie: contractors (painters, handyman, etc))
  • From stores/suppliers to your location

This can be accomplished one of two ways:

  1. Use our app to place your order or request location transport
    1. To place an order, either compile the list in app or shop online and order “delivery only”
    2. To order location transport, order “delivery only” and note pickup location and what’s being picked up, and the drop-off location
  2. Use the web/off-platform form on the web/off-platform page

This saves you time and the aggravation of being shorthanded while the much needed supplies are being picked up, allowing you to focus on your customers.

We also offer delivery services from your business to your customers, free to you! For info, see the You Deliver page.

We also resupply online businesses with materials for those businesses who make their own products. If you’re running low on material and have a deadline to meet for customers, you can send us to pickup the materials you need for you. Use our app to place your shopping order, or order from the store online and order delivery through us, and we’ll bring you your materials so you can keep working.

Construction and other contractors, if you’re running low on supplies we could bring them to you! Don’t worry about leaving the job site. Need more lumber, paint, nails/screws, etc? Place an order and we’ll bring it to your job site so you can keep on working!


Picking up pre-ordered/prepaid supplies from your preferred store/supplier:

  • Within County Limits: $20
  • Outside County Limits: $25 + $1.25/mile*
    • Discounted mileage rate available to businesses that regularly use our services (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly orders)

Shopping/Placing Order On Your Behalf:

  • Store/Supplier Within County Limits: 20% of order total / minimum of $25
  • Outside County Limits: 20% of order total / minimum of $30 + $1.25/mile*
  • Discounted rates available to businesses that regularly use our services (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly orders)

*Mileage is calculated from store/supplier location to location where supplies are to be dropped off.

Note: Using the app will require payment upon ordering/delivery through the app. Depending on order size, the Web/Off-Platform option may also require upfront payment. If you need to be, or prefer to be, invoiced and use the Web/Off-Platform option for that reason, you can inquire if invoicing will be an option for your order by emailing or with the estimated order total before placing the order.