You Deliver (For eCommerce/Online/Home Biz)

Are you an owner of an eCommerce business (Shopify, Etsy, etc)? Home-based Business? Network Marketing/Direct Sales with stock on hand?

Physical/Traditional Businesses click here
Individual/non-business sellers click here

Want more customers? How about adding a pickup/delivery service? All possibly FREE to you? Here’s how it would work:

  • You advertise our services to your customers
  • We advertise we do Pickup/Delivery for your online shop / home business and add your logo to the ‘Delivery From….’ page

It’s that simple! NO commissions, and quicker delivery time than relying on USPS, UPS, or FedEx. You can setup delivery every day per customer, once daily for all the days customers, weekly, or whatever schedule you need. You can either opt to cover the delivery fee or pass it on to your customers; if you pass it on to your customers, there is no charge to you.

Benefits to your business:

  • Potential increase in sales from current customers through possible same-day delivery
  • New customers 
  • A pickup/delivery service that is potentially FREE to you! Simply tell your customers to visit
  • Get showcased on the “Delivery From…” page
  • Supporting locals in need. 5% of earnings go towards the Grocery Fund to help individuals and families in need.

With the app: Customers can order through the customer app or through your business directly and you can place the order in through the merchant app. 

If you want to schedule multiple deliveries for customers once daily, once weekly, etc, please use the form on the ‘off-platform‘ page, and list each customer. This way we can send you an invoice with a total for all deliveries in one payment.

This service is available to any business located that sells products/goods.

We can also help you resupply on materials, if you make your own products. For info, visit the Get Supplied page. If you’d like, we could also put your business name and/or logo on products in our Merch Shop, where 50% of profits on all purchases goes towards our ‘Grocery & Supply Fund‘ to help locals in need get groceries and house supplies.

Service/Partnership FAQ’S

1. Is there any setup on the shop end?

In the app, a tablet may be supplied upon request or you can download the merchant app to your mobile (Android only) or use the web app to order delivery to your customers, and be notified about an order placed through us to your business by a customer. In the merchant app, you would need to create an account for your business and upload your items and pricing. 

2. Can delivery be ordered through the business?
In the merchant app you can order delivery for the customer or the customer can place an order using the customer app. 

With the merchant app, you will be able to place delivery orders for customers and be notified if a customer places an order themselves through the customer app. 

The provided phone or tablet will require use of your business locations WiFi. The device is not required if you prefer, and are able, to download our app to your current tablet or other device used for delivery services. 

3. Can my business request specific delivery drivers?
Yes. As the team grows, you may request specific drivers to do pickup at your location. If specific drivers are requested, the only time a different driver will show is when that driver was chosen by the customer or if chosen driver(s) aren’t on duty. If you’d like to refer someone to drive on our team and request them for your location, you can send them to to submit an application.

Early Access And Support

To access the beta version of our app (currently web app only) and start setting up your merchant account, click here.

For more info, or to join the advertising exchange, send an email to Red at or Business Support at or