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Podcast Description:

Podcast will contain mainly text-to-audio converted versions of blog posts, but will have “podcast only” content uploaded by the team as well. Some “podcast-only” content may contain occasional explicit language. Much of the “podcast only” recorded content will be raw, unedited discussing various events of the job and business:

  • Business and industry wide news and announcements
  • Stories from day to day experiences 
  • The occasional random discussion not necessarily industry related

Depending on the topic, different episodes will be geared towards different audiences. Some episodes will be geared towards our customer base, some will be geared towards businesses (merchants and other service providers), and some will be geared towards gig workers. We aim to have a little something for everyone to enjoy. 

To request to be a guest on the podcast, email Podcast@RedConrad.com. All guests welcome; including other businesses, customers, gig workers.

The Podcast: Your Personal Concierge 

More Than Grocery And Food Delivery! Your Personal Concierge

This episode is also available as a blog post: https://redsconciergeservices.com/2022/01/20/more-than-grocery-and-food-delivery/ IQd1hiRzq8A9ujClznxb — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/redsconciergeservices/message
  1. More Than Grocery And Food Delivery!
  2. Beat The Dreaded “Out Of Stock” From Other Services
  3. What is “Supporting Local”?
  4. Your Personal Concierge (Trailer)

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