Prescriptions Delivery

Prescription Pickup/Delivery Terms

If you need your prescription picked up, please pay in advance to the pharmacy and use the “Delivery Only” option in the app. If you can’t prepay the pharmacy, order pickup and submit funds using our off-platform option or the form below. If your prescription pickup is part of a grocery order, the prescription must be paid in advance to the pharmacy, add a note to your grocery order to pickup the prescription. Provide any information needed to pickup the prescription.

If you can’t pay in advance to the pharmacy (over the phone or website), you may send the funds to cover the prescription one of the following ways: (For payment questions see Off-Platform FAQ’s 9 and 9A)

If you utilize a payment app to send funds to purchase your prescription, you must include enough funds to cover prescription and the $20 delivery fee.

To use Zelle option: Most bank apps and websites offer Zelle. If your bank doesn’t include it in the bank app or website, you can download ZellePay in the app store. 
Any overages in amount will be reimbursed after purchase via the same app you sent the funds with; credit/debit payments are final and non-reimbursable.