Ride Service FAQ’s

Rideshare Red™ FAQ’s

Ride Service FAQ’s

1) Are you a rideshare or a taxi service?
Rideshare Red is a private driver service. We’re not like Uber or Lyft, in that we don’t allow just anyone to drive and don’t yet have our own app. We currently use the RideConnect App platform (Channel Code: REDSRIDES) for those who want to use an app to schedule rides. But we’re not public/marked taxis either. If you recognize a Rideshare Red driver, you may ask if they’re on duty and ask for a ride. But most rides must be scheduled in advance. Soon we will have a live map on the website so if you are nearby where Rideshare Red is, you may be able to get an on-demand ride.

Rideshare Red may become a hybrid private/public taxi company in the future. But for now, it is a private service
Rideshare Red is NOT a carpool service. It is a private ride service.

2) Can I get rides on-demand? 
Yes. Rideshare Red will accept on-demand rides, but it’s preferred you use one of the contact/scheduling options to book ahead. Scheduled rides are given preference and each work day is scheduled around the scheduled rides.

To book in the RideConnect app, be sure it’s a “scheduled” ride or it will time out and the drivers may not see the request.  

3) Are you hiring?
At times Rideshare Red is hiring, it will be stated on this website (the page will be public/viewable) and it will be announced on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us there. All info about what’s required to drive for Rideshare Red will be on the hire page at times of hiring. If you’re interested in a driving position, email Red@RedConrad.com and you may be given access to the application page. 

4) Are rides with Rideshare Red™ safe?
Yes. Safety is a primary concern for everyone. Any and all hired drivers also undergo background checks before being accepted as a driver. Red is also contracted by other services which perform background checks. If asked, Red will provide his latest background check (personal info blacked out). In certain areas, to perform taxi services, complete criminal checks and fingerprinting is also required by the county.

5) How do I schedule a ride in the RideConnect App?
First, download RideConnect and join channel code REDSRIDES. This is done by clicking here or in the app open the menu and click on “Rideshare Channels” then in the search type REDSRIDES.

Once a member of the channel, click on my photo or name and then click “Request Ride” and put in the details of the ride. Be sure to make it a “scheduled” ride or it may time out before I see the request.

6) How come when I call, no one answers?
Right now all calls go to my cell. As stated on the Rides page, I do NOT answer the phone or messages when driving or when I currently have a passenger. If you call, please leave a voicemail and I will call you back as soon as either a) I can pull over or b) the current ride ends and passenger is dropped off.

Most common reasons the phone isn’t answered include:

  • Most information, including how to calculate your own fare, is on the Rides Page. To get a response asking about fare cost, I need pickup and drop off location addresses. Not giving exact addresses is a waste of both our time. With exact address I can calculate cost before calling back.
  • I run both Rideshare Red and Red’s Delivery Services solo. I will not answer the phone with a passenger or in the middle of a shop/delivery. As the Rides page suggests, it’s better to leave a voicemail or text.
  • Both businesses are ran during set hours. I will not respond after business close or before open. If you’ll need a ride after close or before open, ride needs to be booked in advance.
  • Day off taken for personal life issues (mechanic, errands, etc)

Have a question? Send them to Red@RedConrad.com