Ride Service Terms

Rideshare Red Terms

In addition to the terms on the ride service page, you agree:

  • You will NOT disrespect my vehicle(s). If damage to vehicle is caused by you, you WILL be charged a fee to repair, replace, or clean whatever was damaged and cover any potential lost income while vehicle is being serviced; potential lost income is calculated using number of business hours vehicle will be down getting serviced. If fee isn’t paid, legal action may be sought and/or you will be denied any future service. Depending on damage/mess, the fee will range from $50-5,000. By using our services, you authorize us to charge the fee to any payment option we have on file for you, with or without prior notification. We may utilize this pre-authorization or, at our sole discretion, invoice you for the damages. If invoiced, you will not have access to services until invoice is paid in full. Damage includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Carving or slicing into the vehicle (interior or exterior)
    • Breaking any part of the vehicle
    • Puke or other bodily secretions in or on the vehicles interior and/or exterior
    • Creating a distraction that causes an accident
  • You will NOT disrespect me or my drivers 
  • You understand I put safety first. If I, or my driver’s, drive too many hours, we will not be available; I will not risk your nor our safety if we’re too tired to drive. Drivers are part-time and not always available. 
  • I do not answer calls or messages on a ride.
  • You must provide complete addresses for pickup and drop off to get an accurate price quote. Inquiries without full addresses may be ignored.
  • All rides must be paid in full no later than 20 minutes prior to pickup, minus wait time for round-trip rides, for ride to be considered confirmed. If ride is requested for a ride in less than 20 minutes, payment must be made in full upon accepting fare quote.
  • Cash Payment Policy:
    • Cash is currently NOT accepted for fares; fares must be paid in advance. Cash is only accepted as payment for wait time portion of round-trip rides.
    • Cash payment for total fare is only acceptable when Red is your driver, at Red’s sole discretion. Rideshare Red reserves the right, whether or not Red is your driver, to refuse cash payment and request payment in full.
    • If a different driver is dispatched, the ride MUST be paid via credit/debit or to payment app (Cash App, PayPal, Venmo) business account linked on the service page, in full, in advance. Only after payment is received, will a driver be dispatched. If a trip is a round-trip, the round-trip fare minus wait time must be paid in full; cash may be used to pay wait time, handed to driver during trip back.
    • Any and all ride requests may be requested for payment in full, via credit/debit or payment app, to confirm ride so ride will be available whether or not Red is the driver.
  • There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for cancelled rides, whether the ride was cancelled by you or by us. 
  • You will NOT hold us liable or responsible for loss of funds on canceled rides or lost or forgotten property in our vehicle(s). It is your responsibility to be sure you have all your property upon exiting the vehicle. 
  • Any attempts of a chargeback, or otherwise reversal of payment, and you will lose future access to our services. Any breach of these terms you will lose access to our services.