Propane Tank Services

To order propane services please fill out form below and use payment button next to the service you’re ordering or click ‘Book Now’ button and select ‘Propane Tank Services’ option. Payment must be made to lock in service. Upon payment being received you will receive an email and/or text confirming your order. For questions about our Propane Services, email or Text/Call 386-272-3256. Order form and payment must both be submitted to get service.

Propane Services Available 9am – 3pm Mon – Sat

Note: Listed fees may increase or decrease with cost of tanks and/or cost of propane. Fees shown are based on current costs. At checkout, depending which link you use, you will see “Tax”; this is just the processing fee, not a tax. Any orders placed after 3pm we will try to fit in if we can, but will most likely be serviced the following day. 

New Tanks

Price includes cost of tank, cost to fill tank, applicable sales tax, and our service fee. We will take you a brand new, never before used, filled propane tank. 


Price includes cost of tank, applicable sales tax, and service fee

Tank Exchanges

Price includes cost to fill your exchange tank we have in our stock and our service fee. If this is your first exchange through us and we don’t have a tank belonging to you in our storage, you will need to purchase a second ‘New Tank’; Exchange prices would start with the second exchange. We will drop off a full tank and take the empty tank. 


Price includes cost of tank, applicable sales tax, and service fee

Pickup And Refill

Price includes cost to fill tank and our service fee. We will pick up empty tank, take it to be filled, and drop off the full tank. 

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If you have a preferred company for a refill, you may state so on the form below. (Using preferred refill company will not affect charges or fees)

Submit payment using the payment link above next to the service you’re ordering or the “Book Now” button. Order will not be confirmed without payment. Order will be matched to payment to confirm order. Any questions pertaining to your order, email or Text/Call 386-272-3256. 

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Service FAQ’s:

1. How many tanks can I get?
Each order has a limit up to four 5lb or 11lb tanks, or two 20lb or 30lb tanks, or one tank 40lb or larger. If tank sizes are mixed, the total fill weight of all tanks cannot exceed 90lbs. If ordering multiple tank service, you must pay for each individual tank servicing.

AmeriGas/Blue Rhino tank purchases and exchanges are limited to one tank per purchase. 

2. How does the Tank Exchange work?
Your first tank exchange will be priced to include a new tank, a fill, and our service fee (see ‘New Tank’ pricing). The empty tank will be labeled (by you or us) as your tank and stored until your next exchange. Starting with the second exchange, we will fill the empty tank we have stored for you and you will be charged the ‘Tank Exchange’ fee for the size tank it is.

3. What is the difference between ‘Tank Exchange’ and ‘Pickup and Refill’?
The ‘Tank Exchange’ we deliver a full tank and remove the empty tank. The ‘Pickup and Refill’ we pickup the empty tank, take it to get filled, and return to you with a full tank.

4. How does the pricing work?
Cost of ‘New Tanks’ includes cost of the tank, cost to fill the tank, and our service fee. The ‘Tank Exchange’ and ‘Pickup and Refill’ includes cost to fill the tank and our service fee.

5. I need a tank, but I can’t pay all at once. 
Your order may be eligible to “Pay In 4” using Zip, Klarna, or Affirm. Click here for details

Terms of Service:

Any orders that do not come in early enough for tank to be in our possession by 4pm for a fill, or we’re booked to capacity, will be scheduled for the next day. You will receive an email and/or text informing you if your service order will be the next day. 

All orders must be paid in full at time of placing order. Payment must be submitted at time of placing order. Any payments without an order will not be refunded and will not count as a deposit, all forfeited payments will go towards our Grocery & Supply Fund. Orders without payment will not be confirmed and service will not be rendered. Upon receiving payment without an order, or an order without payment, we will attempt to make contact. If contact cannot be made within thirty (30) minutes of received payment with no order or order with no payment, the payment will be considered forfeited and order will be considered canceled.

There is a four (4) tank limit on 5lb and 11lb tanks, two (2) tank limit on 20lb and 30lb tanks, one tank limit on 40lb, 100lb tanks, and AmeriGas/Blue Rhino purchases. 100lb tank exchanges are only available for same day delivery if we already have an exchange tank for your residence. New tanks same day availability is dependent on our stock and supplier availability.

First exchange are cost of new tank of required size. All following exchanges will be cost of exchange. If you order and prepay for an exchange at the exchange rate without us already having an exchange tank for you, you will be charged the balance of a new tank; this must be paid to receive service.

To ensure we always have a tank exchange available in your size, label/mark your tank with your name or house number and street. This will keep your tanks exchangeable only to you and will always have a minimum of one tank available for exchange. This does not apply to AmeriGas/Blue Rhino tanks. If we pickup an exchange tank that is not labeled, we will label it as follows:

  • [First Name] [Last Initial], [Name Of Street]

For ‘pickup and refills’ we will arrive to your home to pickup empty tank to refill it, and return tank to you.

Empty tank must be accessible upon arrival. Any animals must be indoors or otherwise contained. If we (any of our drivers) feels unsafe entering your property and you are not home to take control of any animals on your property, service will be postponed. You will receive a text and/or email stating the situation and the next date and time attempted service will be. If same issue occurs again at second attempt, service will be deemed canceled and you will need to re-order service.

By using our services, you understand you are liable for any faulty tanks. All tanks we deliver are purchased brand new, filled, and delivered to you. Exchange tanks are also purchased brand new, filled, and delivered to you. AmeriGas/Blue Rhino tanks are not added to what they pre-fill. Exchange tanks picked up from you are stored only for you and refilled upon next exchange request (does not apply to AmeriGas/Blue Rhino tanks). All exchange tanks dropped off to you are only used by you and held for you (does not apply to AmeriGas/Blue Rhino tanks). Third-party used to fill tanks do inspections of tanks at time of refill. Should there be an issue with a tank at time of refill, you will be notified that a new tank may be necessary. Any and all tank issues is your responsibility. 

AmeriGas/Blue Rhino tanks availability is dependent on exchange station stock. Multiple locations will be checked until we’re able to get your tank. AmeriGas/Blue Rhino tanks are “as is” from exchange stations. We are not responsible for the condition or fill amount of these tanks. When ordering a AmeriGas/Blue Rhino tank, you will brand tank the exchange station has in stock/supply. 

There are no refunds. All sales are final. Only if service is canceled prior to picking up your tank or filling an exchange tank or picking up a new tank, you will be reimbursed cost minus our service fee. If services have already initiated, services will be completed or tank will be forfeited. Reimbursement only applies to confirmed orders, not forfeited payments.
If your tank has already been picked up, new tank purchased, or exchange tank filled, there will be no reimbursement or refund whatsoever; the sale is deemed final and complete. If you need to reschedule drop-off, you are free to do so. Otherwise tank will be deemed forfeited and become the property of Red’s Delivery Services.

Any attempts at a chargeback, you will no longer be able to receive any services from us.

By using our services, you agree to these terms.