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These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Red‘s Delivery Services™ Website, Social Media, etc. Including all groups, services, newsletters, etc hosted by or through this website.

By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Red‘s Delivery & Concierge Services website or services if you do not agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

For purposes of all terms and policies stated, the business shall be understood it operates under Red’s Delivery Services, Red’s Delivery & Concierge Services, Red’s Concierge Services, and Conrad’s Services. Everywhere one name is mentioned and not the others, it is still the same business; we simply operate under few different names as we rebrand and expand. Some areas may operate under multiple names, some may operate only under one name, but each name is this business regardless which name is mentioned in the terms and policies. 


Red’s Delivery Services Terms

Placing Orders:

Payment Policy:

Payment for all order types must be paid in full, in advance, at time of placing order to receive service. Each service offered has service payment terms and methods of payment on the service page; for service fees and payment see the page for the service you wish to use. Submitting an order does not mean order will completed if there is no payment; to lock in order and guarantee service completion, payment is required no later 3 (three) hours prior to your order for scheduled orders or immediately for on-demand orders. No payment submitted will be considered a canceled order. Any questions or if you need assistance determining your service fee, email Orders@RedConrad.com.

Whether the order be placed via our app, web form, booking site, email, or text, for order to be considered locked in and be processed, payment must be submitted upon placing the order.

There are NO refunds through Red’s Delivery Services. Before a shop, up to 2hrs before delivery time, you can cancel or reschedule. After a shop, you are responsible for returning any unwanted products to the store they were purchased from. After each shop, you receive all receipts. During a shop, you are to inform your Personal Concierge of any needed changes to the order. 

Eligible Off-Platform (Website Orders) orders will receive reimbursements of overages not used to cover your order and not specified as a tip. Reimbursements are only eligible on payments submitted via a payment app (Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Bakkt) or bank app (Chime, Varo, GoBank). Overages not specified as a tip on payments using a Credit/Debit card will be credited towards your next order.

All other services have absolutely no refunds whatsoever under any circumstances. We reserve the right to refuse to provide future service following any attempted or successful chargebacks, declined payments, canceled payments, etc.

Any refunds of items, returns, etc must be through the merchant the item(s) are from. Most merchants will require receipt, which you will receive upon delivery and/or via email/text. It is at the sole discretion of the merchant if they will issue a refund, exchange, return, or otherwise for items purchased. Said refund will only pertain to said items from merchant. Merchant has no control over our service fee; likewise we have no control over their pricing. Therefore, should merchant offer a refund on item(s) purchased, refund will only cover cost of item(s); not our service fee. Our service fee is non-refundable.

Item Replacements:

Stores don’t always have complete stock of every item. In the event an item you want is out of stock, your Shopper will attempt to make contact with you about replacements. If you fail to respond by time the order is completely shopped, there will be no replacements for missing items. Additional nearby stores will only be checked for ‘out of stock’ items upon request when discussing replacements. 

Once a Personal Concierge has shopped for you ten (10) or more times, it will be the Personal Concierges discretion to make a replacement or not when you fail to respond. This limit is to allow time for the Personal Concierge to get to know your preferences on different items to best choose a replacement in a situation where you fail to respond. 


Orders are filled on a “first come first serve” basis. During busy times there may be wait times. These waits will shorten as we hire more Personal Concierges. In our new app, there will be an optional “priority fee” you can pay to shorten or avoid wait times. For more information on wai time, please see General FAQ #7.

Orders placed through our current app are processed through our host (dumpling). Your credit card/bank statement will show a charge from dumpling. This is us; do NOT cancel, chargeback, or otherwise remove payment. Any payment reversals will result in your removal from our services

It is at our sole discretion to, with or without notice, to charge platform fees on all order types, some order types, or to cover (pay) all platform fees on all order types ourselves; therefore potentially raising or lowering service fees accordingly. The platform fees do not go to us. The platform fees are paid to our host for our (Red’s Delivery Services) and your (our clients) use of the platform. The only fee that comes to us (Red’s Delivery Services) is the service fee and amount of gratuity (tip) you decide to pay your Personal Concierge. 

  • Certain stores may have a higher delivery fee than others. Should you attempt to do “Request A Store” option to get a lower fee, the fee will be adjusted to correct fee for that store. Multiple attempts of this, and you will be removed from our platform. 
  • OOC (Out Of County) stores may have a higher shopping/delivery fee due to extra travel distance and time required for the shop.
  • The complete amount (100%) of gratuity/tip goes to the shopper/driver that shopped/picked up your order and delivered your order. 

Your in-app payment information is secured through Stripe, the payment processor. Off-Platform payment information is secured through Square or Stripe for Credit/Debit payments, or through the respective payment apps. Individual Personal Concierges do NOT have access to this information. Please do NOT harass your Personal Concierge. If you feel you were wrongly charged for any item(s), send an email to Support@RedConrad.com or message Red directly in the app.

To order pickup/delivery from a local restaurant, the restaurant must have pickup/takeout service. If the restaurant is “dine-in only” we won’t be able to pickup the order as the restaurant most likely isn’t equipped for such.

Package And Item Delivery: Individual-to-individual/”Swip Swap” Deliveries And To/From Business Deliveries:
A package/parcel or item may be ordered for pickup and delivery from an individual to an individual or business, or from a business to business or individual. This may be done in the app via the “Delivery Only” option, or via the Off-Platform option. Pickup and delivery will not be accepted without payment. There are NO refunds.

Deliveries that are inter-county (pickup in one county and dropoff in another county) will be charged an additional $1-2/mile fee. This fee is calculated from Pickup Address to Dropoff Address. Total fee must be paid in whole at acceptance of delivery. Acceptance of delivery will be on an order by order basis. The following is included in our decision:

  • Distance
  • Size of deliver (size of item(s) and number of items)
  • Availability of team member with appropriate sized vehicle

Inter-county orders initially booked in-app must submit the additional distance fee via another form of payment. If payment is not received before pickup time, there will be no pickup.

Swip Swap And Individual Deliveries: It is up to you and the other person to decide who is going to order the pickup/delivery of any items that need delivered. In the event of a buy/sell transaction, it may be best for the seller to add on our delivery fee to the item cost and order delivery. If you are a seller, email Red@RedConrad.com or Business@RedConrad.com to setup/arrange designated deliveries for your sales. Whichever person is ordering the delivery, must do so through the Red’s Delivery Services app ‘Delivery Only’ option or the Off-Platform option and cover the fee. All information regarding where and what to pick up and where to drop off must be included. Purchase of any items should be finalized before ordering delivery; there are NO REFUNDS regardless whether or not the purchase fails.

Cancellation fees apply to all delivery and shipping orders, and all Tasks.

Payment must be received no later 20 minutes prior to preferred pick up time.

Platform Restrictions:
The following items are restricted through the platform/app, and must be shopped out-of-app or off-platform. Eligible out-of-app/off-platform items must abide by the terms for the category to be purchased and delivered. 

  • Gift cards, gift certificates, prepaid cards, prepaid phone cards, and related items
  • Counterfeit goods; illegally imported or exported goods;
  • Cannabis and related goods;
  • Tobacco, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid;
  • Prescription-only products;
  • Weapons and munitions; gunpowder and other explosives; fireworks and related goods
  • Toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials;
  • Pornography and other obscene materials (including literature, imagery and other media) depicting nudity or explicitly sexual acts;
  • Sexually oriented items (e.g., adult toys); and
  • Drug paraphernalia or any equipment designed for making or using drugs, including but not limited to bongs, vaporizers, and hookahs.

Off-Platform/Out-Of-App/Website Orders:
All alcohol and tobacco product purchases must be done as stated on the Alcohol/Tobacco Deliveries page. Likewise, all orders for prescription purchase or pickup must follow Prescription Delivery terms.

Any other items that become available for off-platform purchase and delivery will have a separate terms page linked above.

To shop an entire grocery order off-app, you must email Support@RedConrad.com. Entire estimated cost of shopping plus delivery fee must be submitted through one of the ways we accept payment no later than 20 minutes before shopping. Off-platform orders will not be accepted without pre-payment. After delivery is complete, grocery total plus fee will be deducted from funds received, at which point any change will be reimbursed (see refund/reimbursement policy above). Email must include:

  • Name and Address
  • Grocery list and store(s) and estimated (your best guess) total of the groceries
  • How you would like to pay
    • PayPal
    • Zelle
    • CashApp
    • Venmo
    • Varo
    • Chime 
    • GoBank
    • Bakkt
    • Crypto

Upon receiving your email, you will be sent a response of either accepting or declining the order. If we accept the order, you must send payment immediately. All payment is to be made to business accounts linked throughout this site and supplied in email, not your preferred Shoppers personal accounts. We will not shop without first receiving the funds.

  • If funds made available do not cover entire order, Shopper will contact you about extra funds needed. If extra funds are not submitted within five (5) minutes of contact, Shopper has the right, in Shoppers sole discretion, to return any items needed to lower grocery total to amount submitted. If Shopper covers all items, it is your responsibility to submit payment of remaining balance; if balance isn’t paid, no additional shops will be accepted.

At this time we do not offer invoicing. We may offer a business invoicing, at our sole discretion, after ten (10) shops successfully completed. After a minimum of ten completed shops, your business may have the option to request invoicing in place of prepayment if we are offering invoicing as a payment option at that time. If you are approved for invoicing, all invoices must be paid in full no later than seven (7) days from completion of shop and delivery or before your next order, whichever comes first.

Order Requirements:
All grocery orders that you feel grocery total (not including delivery fee) will be over $200 must be ordered for delivery prior to 8pm for same day delivery. Any $200+ grocery orders placed near or after 8pm may be delayed until the next day. If your grocery order is delayed, you will be contacted about the delay. 

Multi-store shops will only be charged one delivery fee. The one delivery fee multi-store shop applies to multiple stores in the same town only. Stores in nearby towns will be charged a 50% discounted fee on additional stores on the shop, additional stores in a different area will be charged full fees for each area.

Promotions and Referral rewards may change, with or without notice to you. It is at our sole discretion to issue promotional offer or reward if you don’t meet requirements until after it is ended/expired, or otherwise removed or altered.

Any discounts will be applied on finalized receipt. Initial order will show full fees price, you will not pay the full price if a discount applies. All discounts are applied as order is fulfilled and delivery fee adjusted for the discount. Your finalized receipt will show the discount and accurate total you pay. All payment is completed at the end of the order, after adjustments are made. 

Gift Cards:
Gift Cards are supplied via Square. Gift Card balances are only redeemable to cover delivery fee on in-app orders or total cost on off-platform/website placed orders. If you want to use your Gift Card to cover the entire cost (shopping cost plus delivery fee), you MUST use the off-platform option to place your order.

Gift Cards may be used for any service we provide, as long as you use off-platform ordering/booking options. Other then covering delivery fee, Gift Cards are not yet supported in-app.

Tasks And Errands:
All fees, including cancellation fees, are non-refundable. To avoid being charged the additional cancellation fee, all Tasks must be cancelled no later than 3 hours prior to Task time.

Shipping and Help Moving Tasks will incur an additional $1-2/mile fee calculated from starting point to end point. This additional fee must be paid in full prior to Task beginning. If fee goes unpaid, Task will be assumed cancelled.

Rental Unit Assistance and Property Check Tasks, you must provide proof of ownership and/or employment by owner in order for Task to be accepted. Any interior requests, you must provide a notice of permission allowing our team entry into the building(s) to take photos requested for Task.

All hourly tasks must be paid at least one hour to book, and any additional time upon completion. It is your responsibility to know ahead of time how long you expect or will allow a Tasker to be on a Task and have Tasker leave and Task marked completed no later than that time. If you feel a Tasker is slacking, you must reach out to Customer Support and may request a new Tasker; however, this will also initiate a new Task and payment will be required.


By utilizing our services, you accept and agree to all terms stated, as well as any future updates. It is your responsibility to check on occasion for any updates to terms of services.

This service is considered a “luxury” service being provided. We do not work for, or through, any business. We operate independently of other businesses we shop and deliver through. Any attempt to avoid paying fees, getting our staff or business as a whole in trouble with any business we shop/deliver from, harassment of any of our staff, or any other ill attempt towards our staff or business as a whole will result in your client profile being terminated and you will no longer be eligible to receive services through us.

You will not attempt to argue with any of our staff or contractors about alleged missing items, packages, or otherwise. If you feel anything may have been misplaced or charged and not delivered, send an email to Support@RedConrad.com and it will be handled appropriately.

We maintain the right, at our sole discretion, to accept or deny any order for any reason whatsoever.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion and with or without notice to you, to raise or lower our delivery fees and other fees as we see fit. Fee changes may happen on order type basis, specific store and/or location basis, or all services offered. We reserve the right, with or without notice, to implement and/or remove platform fees.

OOC (“Out Of County”) Stores:
For OOC (Out Of County) stores, it’s best to buy bulk (bi-weekly or monthly supply) at once; or if you have a friend or family member that also needs things from the OOC store, combine your lists into one order and have them pay you their part of the order. Consider combining orders from multiple OOC stores in the same area on to the same shop; by combining all area OOC stores you want shopped onto one order, you only pay the one delivery fee. 

To combine multiple stores into one shop, you can either

  • specify the store near each item, OR
  • create a separate list for each store but schedule them on the same day and time

All stores in an area, scheduled on the same day, will be included in one shop and be charged one delivery fee. All eligible OOC stores, and their area and day, are listed on the Re’ds Delivery Services main page under ‘Fees’. 

Any store located in an OOC area but has a location in a serviced county, will not count towards the “one delivery fee for a multi-store shop”. Stores located in multiple areas will each be charged its own fee.

If you reside in an OOC area, regardless if you order from an eligible OOC store on the day your area is shopped, it is in our sole discretion to accept or deny the order.

Fee Guarantee

If we are higher in fees compared to the competition, you must send us a screenshot of your item-by-item order on the competition service and our service. Fee Guarantee only applies to our delivery fee. If our fee is higher for the exact same order on another service, we will discount your order through us so that your delivery fee is up to 15% less than your total fees on the other service.

Other services may also charge markups on items, which will raise your fees by default. We only charge in-store prices, no markups. Other services may also charge additional fees that we don’t charge, which will raise your overall total fee amount on other services. 



Services such as plumbers, electricians, taxi/limo companies, handymen, etc that fulfill their own orders will include a platform fee in addition to their service fee. This platform fee covers their being hosted on the Red’s Delivery & Concierge Services platform.

These third-parties may also charge sales tax and/or other fees. All fees, except the platform fee, goes to the third-parties for their services offered to you; the platform goes to Red’s Delivery & Concierge Services.


These third-parties may, at their sole discretion, offer discounts or refunds on their services or products. Any refunds do not include any fees, including platform fees, charged by Red’s Delivery & Concierge Services. 

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